The Rise & Fall of Naive Adulterer: Part 1

All I kept thinking about, over and over, was ‘You can’t live forever; you can’t live forever.’

The vibration of my phone on my nightstand woke me in the dim morning light. It was Her. How had it happened? When had it started? Had it always been this way and I just didn’t see it? I had loved waking to her texts the last couple days. Had it only been a couple of days? My life before Her seemed like it had been a dream, not true memories. There was tense amorous anticipation with each message. Almost like trembling, hesitation, bated breath. We described the sensations we were feeling to each other, butterflies in the stomach, our hearts beating faster. Were we fooling ourselves? Playing with each other? Or was this real? We’d never seen each other in person. It had started with an innocent off-hand message regarding a mutual friend, then some innocent flirting, and then suddenly we were discussing intimate details of our lives and exchanging pictures. Now we shared every day together, not because of some formal agreement, but because we wanted to, it was as natural as breath. I had searched my instant messaging app’s history to see if I could pinpoint when it all happened, we’d exchanged so many messages that the history had all been erased back that far.

It was love, there could be no question of it, or at least it was what both of us knew of the feeling of being in love with someone. It was terrifying. We were both adulterers. We both had loved people other than our spouses in the past, but never had we found mutual love, or love this intense in our lives. We spoke about turning back many times, but we knew we couldn’t turn our back on what we’d discovered, or we would regret it forever. I had never had any serious thoughts that I’d leave my wife for another woman. I couldn’t foresee having those feelings. But I was having them. That doesn’t mean that I’d make good on them, I couldn’t see the future, but they weren’t just fantasies, they were serious considerations now, despite the huge obstacles in the path: we were both married, we lived hundreds of miles from each other, and we had never met.  I wanted to grind those obstacles to dust by sheer willpower. But was I actually willing to step over the edge of the abyss?

Is this the beginning of the end to our story?


15 thoughts on “The Rise & Fall of Naive Adulterer: Part 1

  1. You’ve been looking for your sanctuary, perhaps you’ve found it? If you don’t explore this connection you will always regret it… it will likely live in the back of your mind and eat away at you and your marriage.
    I’m hoping for both of you that something wonderful comes out of this!

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  2. Meet because you need to meet. Writing words is different to real life.
    1/ Are you going to risk it all? Lose your life ?
    2/ Would one of you relocate to be with the other?
    If it was me I’d meet and see if those butterflies still flap their wings in their present.

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  3. Wow, I leave the blog world and find so many things have changed.

    Could the dissapareance of troubledtide and you finding this new love be one and the same?

    I wonder… I think I need to keep in coming back.

    I am happy you are happy.
    Hugs 🤗

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    1. Good to see you again sinful! Sorry, we cant speak of she who will not be named anymore, nice thought, it actually does have something to do with her, but not in the way you are thinking 😉

      It’s been a wild ride since you’ve been gone, and looks like we are nearing the end. I need to find some time to write about it amid all that is happening. Hugs!

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      1. Than I shall wait patiently… or maybe I’ll just email you and get the inside scoop. Surely you wouldn’t deny one of your very very first commenters. 😬
        Naw, I’ll just be a good girl and wait. 😉

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