Stoking the Forge

Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad. Let my lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.

Even with my wife out of town, we are renting a room to a student and, with the way noise travels, I am concerned about having someone over. But, with evenings free now, I am in full hook-up search mode. I’ve been trying to arrange things with Anne, but she still can’t host and I am afraid to have her over. There are some girls in my email that I haven’t talked to in a while that I still think about. I certainly didn’t want to put all of my eggs in the “Anne” basket and have things not work out during this short window of opportunity, so I’m rekindling a bunch of old email threads. Then just to have my bases covered, I posted a few new ads on Craigslist and am keeping a close watch on the “women for men” section.

Elle, who you may remember from a previous post, says that she is so down to be my fuck-toy while my wife is gone, but ‘yeah, right’ I’m thinking, I haven’t heard from her in a few days. But, I did get a promising reply from one of my ads a few days ago. The ad was for seeking a girl in her early 20’s for some “NSA sexual adventures” and I tried to give an honest description of myself and my experience (including marriage status, etc). Given my sexual inexperience, I feel more comfortable looking for women who might be equally inexperienced (not that I am opposed to being with an older woman). Furthermore, I desperately want to roll back the clock to my early twenties and experience sexual promiscuity that I’ve missed out on (being with Anne has been a good start). I’d had replies to this very ad before, and they were typically from girls aged around 20-22, and usually just a short message saying they are “intrigued” or “curious” and wanting some pics. Last time, this turned into a 200 message long sexting exchange that was actually pretty good, but never went further.

So I’ll dub this promising new girl ‘Sierra’. Sierra is as a brown-eyed brunette student at the university in the next city barely into her twenties (younger than Anne), her lovely light-bronze skin and features betrayed some Latin descent. I’ve never been with a girl as thin as her and that makes me very interested. She is fit, very thin, and very cute. Definitely a bit of what I’d describe as a ‘space cadet’ though, out there, kinda crazy, a connected social butterfly, probably too busy corresponding with dozens of people at any one moment that she doesn’t have time for little things like spelling, grammar, or clarity, and likely won’t remember details of half the messages you send her. While Anne’s messages are clear and concise, Sierra’s messages are a mess of misspelled acronyms and jumbled terms that are frequently devoid of clause and syntax. Of course, I have no idea if Sierra will follow through with anything, but she does seem interested, but like me, she has hosting problems given that she is living with roommates. Things are further complicated by her not having a car. I’m very interested though, so I’ve offered to pick her up and even get us a room at a hotel for the night (despite the added risk of a paper trail). One thing I quickly learn about Sierra is she has a busy social life and a very poor concept of time. At first I believed she was just blowing me off, since each time we make plans for the evening, the time for meeting comes and goes and usually 2-6 hours later she gets back to me with some apologies and we try again the next day. I’ve gotten used to this kind of thing with girls I’ve met on CL, and so I never leave the house to meet anyone until I have a firm confirmation message within an hour before the meeting.

At this point, my wife has been gone almost a week and I’ve managed to totally fail at having a hookup. Anne and Sierra are my firmest leads, but neither seem to be working out. Every night I make plans with Sierra, but she keeps flaking out, and Anne keeps hoping she can host (or by some miracle I can get our schedules to mesh with when my renter is out of the house for a few hours), but then that doesn’t work out either. 

To be fair, it took me a year just to find Anne, my first affair partner, so I don’t know how much hope I can hold out for Sierra or any other girl for that matter, but you never know. I figure I’ll just keep all my irons in the fire and keep stoking the forge till something happens.


10 thoughts on “Stoking the Forge

  1. that she doesn’t have time for little things like spelling, grammar, or clarity,

    hahaha This made me laugh… poor Spacey Daisy!
    Oh man, sorry to hear nothing happened.
    Keep on truckin’

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  2. Okay- so now how old are you (if you don’t mind)? Girls in their early twenties, really? One night stand yes, but if they are being promiscuous, I never really think they stay interested long. I’ll tell you I didn’t prime until almost 30…Just a thought, you need an older woman that has experience.
    And, I’m laughing over the grammar comment, that’d totally be something I’d say being an English junkie!

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    1. I’m early 30’s. Haha, you are no doubt right. Rather than giving my whole history, I’ll put it this way: I’m trying to wind back the clock. Stupid I know, but I grew up a conservative Christian, I had a bit of a rebellious streak, but for the most part sex was taboo and my relationship growth was stunted (I talk a lot about this in my earlier posts). I lost my virginity to my wife on our wedding night. Now, it is like I’m trying to go back to what I missed out on, back when I was in high school then college, all those things I wanted to do but had held myself back from. I know I can’t really go back, perhaps this is really just a futile chasing after the wind, but it is where I am at now. I know I can’t count on a twenty-something for a long-term relationship, but I can get my kicks right?

      Yeah, Sierra never ceases to surprise me. She’ll form the most incoherent sentences, but then she’ll demonstrate knowledge of some complex philosophical idea.

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      1. OMG! We likely lived in the exact same home and same experiences. I can relate in everything you are saying from a woman’s perspective. I was a pastor’s kid 😉

        Haha! Aww, she sounds kinda cute.

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        1. Funny, I’m finding most of my fellow adulterers have a conservative religious background. I’m realizing that repression of our baser human nature and natural desires doesn’t usually go well and usually finds an outlet somewhere. Makes me wonder how to raise my son since I feel trapped in a religious environment, but I want better for him. I’ll find a way.

          Yeah, she is that 😉 I’m hopelessly addicted.

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  3. Also, in my experience, older women like inexperience. They would prefer to show you how they like it and show you things that you don’t even know exist. They are more comfortable with themselves and a man’s body.

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    1. Perhaps you are right, and perhaps I’ll find out one day. I’m not opposed to finding an older woman, I came close a few times in my searches on CL. Honestly, I was more inclined to find an older woman at first since I didn’t believe I could attract a younger one. I’m realizing now I’m having greater difficulty finding an older woman, I think they are less prone to foolish promiscuity 😉

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