The Story Thus Far

Landmark posts to bring you up to speed on our story. You may also want to look at memories which are a collection anecdotes from my formative years that intersperse regular posts as seen below.


nice Christian boy, gets married, feels trapped, and starts down the road to perdition.

Chapter 1: So It Begins

I find a girl named Anne.

Chapter 2: You Only Live

Wife leaves town. I spend some time with my best friend Saul. I meet a girl named Sierra, but what about Anne? And an unexpected turn of events leads to two incredible nights and mornings. Before my wife returns, that is.

Chapter 3: Infidelis

I try to rationalize my infidelity, I’ve become reckless, but psycho-sexual problems lie just around the corner. Then a straightforward heist goes wrong and stains an office chair.

Chapter 4: The Good Son

We head into Thanksgiving, and I don my mask. I miss Sierra, but I’m satisfied with my adulterous lifestyle. Somehow, I feel I can live two lives.

Chapter 5: Better Judgement

Sierra returns from visiting her family, and we start seeing each other again. But, I’m still having some very unfortunate issues. And they couldn’t come at a worse time as I suddenly confront my feelings. Anne reminds me who I am, but things have gotten complicated with Sierra. Meanwhile, I’m trying to balance my home life with Sierra and my wife. I feel I have to accept that things are coming to an end with Sierra. I’ve started taking a rather negative outlook on things, and am hoping to get back together with Anne or find new options.

Chapter 6: Live For a Sigh, Die For a Kiss

Wife is leaving town, and I’m dreaming of a week of Sierra. But, as each day goes by, I wake up alone. It is coming down to the wire, so I’m getting desperate for Sierra’s attention. I never expected how it would all end. At least it is finally over.

Chapter 7: The Terms

As we head into Christmas, I have to come to terms with the recent episode. The holidays are a bit of a disaster. But, after making it through them I can begin my mourning process for my relationship with Sierra. Despite the memories that hold me back, I’m moving forward. And taking time away from it all to gather my thoughts.

Chapter 8: Loveloss

It seems like I’m in an endless search for a new affair partner. Sierra has a final, cryptic message for me which shakes me up. But, I’m realizing that there are still opportunities, even doors that were closed to me before. I reflect a bit on some things that got me here, but overall I’m feeling discouraged. Sierra is still haunting me. Search after endless search, does seem to be yielding some promising results. I’m also realizing how far my faith has fallen. Finally, I have some success finding a new partner, Lisa. Even then, I’m still stuck in the past.

Chapter 9: Strange Days

Things have been getting weird lately. I wonder if I’ll ever be free of Sierra. The search has become routine on Craigslist and Tinder. We are still making progress though, and soon enough I meet a new girl, Nancy. Still, I’m feeling unfulfilled and looking for more.

Chapter 10: My Better Self

Something has happened, and I find I have a new muse in my life. But, where is it all leading?

Chapter 11: The Rise & Fall of Naive Adulterer

My new muse, known only as Her, has captured my heart. But, one fateful day, my wife sees too much, and sets events in motion that begin to unravel the threads of my life.

Chapter 12: Welcome to Your Life

In the aftermath, everything has changed. I have to come to terms with what I’ve done, much as I wish I could go back. Still, it has been an opportunity to see estranged family, and realize I no longer have to be the person everyone has always expected me to be. Times are hard, it is never a convenient time for a divorce. I mourn the life I’d given up, and I’m trying to foresee what is ahead.