Short Update

I had a great weekend, saw some old friends from Church who visited from out of town. That was so weird, if only they knew the real me. I don’t feel I belong anymore since my life is a facade, it seems like one big lie. Especially, when I get praise for being such an on-fire Christian. Sometimes I keep thinking I just need to go straight. But, then I think, “if you don’t get your kicks now you’ll be regretting it, just you regretted those times you missed out on in your teens and twenties.”

Back at work today. Carmen has to reschedule. She has a daughter and had to stay with her today. I had some good conversation with Diana over the weekend, but she didn’t reply to my last text that is now over 24 hours ago, so maybe that fizzled. I hope not, she is cute. She reminds me of Sierra in ways, apart from being articulate and well read, despite being younger as an freshman. She probably has an active social life and busy school schedule, so I’ll try her again later. I think I’ll keep my date with Nancy tomorrow if she doesn’t cancel on me. I have a feeling it might fall through, but you never know. Keep on chugging.


5 thoughts on “Short Update

  1. The thing about regrets is that you can’t avoid them, unfortunately. Either way you decide to go there’ll be one regret or another…

    Sorry, I know that’s not very helpful.

    I hope this week is a good one for you!

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    1. Always ready to cheer me up, huh Quinn 😛 lol. Maybe I just don’t have enough experience yet, or enough distance from the situation, but I hardly regret anything from my time with Sierra and Anne and the like. I’d do it all over again. I don’t regret that path overall, but I think I see what you are saying, that no matter which way you go, something will go wrong that you’ll regret in the end that you wish had gone differently, even if there was nothing you could have done and you don’t regret the overall direction you went.

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          1. Rooting for you to…. be happy. Ideally (for me) that would be in a situation in which you’re free to be true to yourself because I think long-term that would be wonderful and I would love to read that but I know that’s just my opinion and you think differently. I just want you to be happy and have some measure of peace.

            God that sounds so awful and bloody featherystrokery but you know what I mean. Shuddup!

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