Hot Box

“Dear Lord.” Her whole body was shuddering and shaking beneath me, and around me.
If I had a one word description for her vagina, it would be ‘spongy’, it was sopping wet, but tight, like it was sucking me in. She kept cumming, it was unbelievably intense, I counted three times in a row within minutes of one another. The small, one bedroom studio Nancy shared with her husband was shabby and unkempt. She was on her back with me between her fat, pale thighs on what appeared to be a futon mattress on a low bed frame, her big tits dancing across her chest.
“You are so deep…” she moaned again.
“Oh god, fuck.” I finally came myself, it was probably only 15 minutes in, but this was supposed to be a quickie.
She was my first married woman. I didn’t expect to see her until Monday since she had gotten tied up at work, but shortly after I hit publish on the previous Friday’s post I got a text from her:
Well, how can you say ‘no’ to that. I grabbed condoms out of a coffee can I keep stashed in the back of a drawer at work and hopped in the car. I was a little taken aback at how run down the place was when I arrived. I had been a bit worried that she’d be a total dog since we hadn’t exchanged face pics, but she wasn’t a bad looking girl. Not a stunner by any means, she had a cute face and she was shorter and a bit thinner (still chubby though) than I anticipated. Compared to my past partners, I felt like I was slumming it with this girl, but damn, the sex was mind blowing that day. It wasn’t awkward at all once we were alone, we kissed, moved right back to the bedroom, she got on her knees and pulled down my pants and started sucking my dick. My readers know I’m not huge on blowjobs, but generally I’ll still get hard, but ever since Sierra I’ve just had issues. Pretty sure it is all psychological at this point since I have no trouble getting hard with my wife, it is only when I cheat. I didn’t feel nervous or anxious so much, just numb. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I just told her it was nervousness (I figured it must be some kind of subconscious stress). So, we switched it up, got comfortable on the bed. Totally undressed we could commence with some foreplay. Her tits were massive, but a bit saggy, I knelt between her legs, and felt her pussy, it was dripping wet as I ran my cock up and down between her labia. I tried to concentrate, I couldn’t let this shit get to me, it had been the same way a few times with Lisa, I just needed to relax and things would work.
“You’re such a tease, I love it, I can’t wait for you to be inside me,” she moaned.
She started fingering herself and bucking her hips, it was a huge turn on, slowly but surely, I got hard as a rock and penetrated her. This was the first time she’d been with another man in 4 years and her husband hadn’t been doing much with her in that time. I’m guessing that is why she was so turned on, it didn’t take long for her to cum, and then again, and again.

That was Friday before last. We agreed to meet again on the following Monday. I was greeted by her neighbor’s German Shepard chasing and barking at me and its Chihuaha companion nipping at my pant leg.
“Tiny! Tiny!” The old lady yelled from her doorstep as her dog tried to desperately halt my advance into its sacred territory, I shrugged it off and laughed, trying to not be too memorable despite the scene (the last thing we wanted was to draw attention to Nancy having a strange man over while her husband was out for the day).
“So much for a stealthy entrance.” I said once we were alone in her studio.
This time, things were more natural, it didn’t take long at all for me to get hard and I was pounding her hard on the bed in no time. We took our time, she came several times again, though not quite as intensely as our first time together. Admittedly, I think I was so crazy horny last time I overlooked a few things. I did feel trashy boning this married girl in the back of their messy studio. She also didn’t seem to keep the best personal hygiene. She wasn’t filthy by any means, but also didn’t smell fresh and clean either, slightly off-putting, but not a deal breaker. When we were done, we talked a bit more this time. I was the first guy she’d met for this. She’d been in talks with a few other gents from CL, but all of them got way to close too fast, one of them even demanded that she leave her husband. She appreciated that we were in similar situations, both of us wanting to keep our spouses and lives intact, but to get a little more in the sexual areas. It was a bit sad her situation, her husband was older (thirties, like me) and had children of his own from a previous marriage. He’d slowed down sexually to the point of being reluctant to even give her a five minute screw during the week.
“But, you don’t love ’em any less,” were her words on the subject.
Maybe she’s right from a standpoint, depends on how you define ‘love’. If she meant care, providing, and concern, I agree 100%.

We were supposed to meet again last Thursday, but a family emergency prevented it. So, looks like I may have a regular affair partner here, in addition to Lisa. Still, I find myself missing Sierra and wanting that again. Lisa and Nancy are nice girls, but neither of them are girls I would have sought out had I been single. I hate to say I’ve ‘settled’. Perhaps I have, I can’t say. I figure, as long as we are both getting something we want out of our relationships, then may as well continue. Lisa thinks she may be back towards the end of the month. Nancy should be available again late next week. I was hopeful that Layla would work out. Seemed we had great chemistry and she is a stunner, but I’ve texted her twice over the past few weeks and gotten no reply. She hasn’t unmatched me on Tinder, but I strongly believe she’s ghosted me. In any case, there is another lethargic update. I need to find more time to dedicate to writing again.


6 thoughts on “Hot Box

        1. Clever! Trouble is, the last two times I’ve been over she was freshly showered, in one case still in her bathrobe with wet hair, so I don’t get it. Nice idea though, I think it is just a natural body scent. Like I said, not like she is totally gross or has nasty BO, just that it seems a little ‘off’.


  1. The word “spongy” made me laugh and cringe. I felt the same full-body tense feeling I get when people use the word “moist.” Aaaahh!

    Spongy. She was spongy. Now I’m laughing again!

    Liked by 1 person

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