Ghosts of Lovers Past

Yesterday, I finally managed to get a haircut. My last haircut didn’t go too well, my usual gal has been gone for a while, and the guy who did it didn’t seem to have a clue what I wanted. This time I got a young Mexican barber, he did a pretty decent job, but it came out like a swooshy greased tidal wave threatening to break at any moment. I couldn’t decide if I should join the Jets or the Sharks, or just break into the chorus of Greased Lightning.

After that, I was sitting in a meeting, a particularly boring one. It was in the conference room where I’d taken Sierra one evening, still one of my biggest regrets in life that my performance was sub-par that night. Of course, in the midst of the meeting I was just staring at Sierra’s phantom lying across the middle of the table, the top of her white dress pulled down exposing her perfectly, shaped tanned breasts. She was lying across it with her arms outstretched and her smooth bronze legs parted ever so slightly, knees in the air. I remember, she hadn’t worn underwear that night. That girl didn’t wear a dress often, but when she did, she was utterly stunning in it. I can still hear her saying “commme fuck me, Jason.” I must have been grinning like an idiot, totally lost in thought.
“Jason? Your thoughts?”
“Huh? Errrr, um, absolutely, we should look at the proposal…”

I decided to see what Anne was up to. I haven’t mentioned her much lately since she didn’t respond to my last email about a month ago, but she might have just missed it. I asked what she was up to and how she was, what’s new, and she got back to me right away. We chatted for a bit. She misses me, and I miss her, we both miss how we were. I have to admit, we were amazing in bed together, even if I longed for the wild young Sierra far more. Anyways, Anne is super busy lately. She admitted to me that she has never been in a serious relationship before, and isn’t sure she ever wants one. She’s young enough, I encouraged her just to have fun for now and see what is down the road. She’s hoping her schedule will let up at some point and we’ll be able to meet.

The biggest surprise of the day came when Lisa emailed me. She’s the girl who visited for her bachelorette weekend and I provided some entertainment for her. Wow, I seem to be linking to all my posts where I either had erectile or premature ejaculation issues. My new readers, I suppose, should just get used to disappointment, but all the same, I’m not as bad a lover as those two posts would suggest! Really, I swear! In any case, Lisa is coming back to town next weekend and was wondering if I will be free. Apparently, the wedding date isn’t set yet, but she was hoping for some more fun. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised given my lackluster performance, but I must have done something right if she is hitting me up again. She was hoping I could see her Sunday and then again on Monday morning before checkout at her hotel (interestingly, she is booking a room at a hotel I took Sierra to, there, a link to a post where I don’t totally suck at love-making). I told her, I’d try to have an excuse for Sunday, but might be difficult, but Monday for certain. I am excited about that, she was a fun girl, and I’d like a chance to redeem myself. I thought Lisa was a one-time fling, but perhaps she is looking for a friend-with-benefits. I’m not opposed, she is from out of town so she can generally host in a hotel, and she is sexy and fun.

Ok, I can’t resist. Fuckin’ Travolta. One of the dirtiest songs ever and my parents let me watch this shit when I was 9.


4 thoughts on “Ghosts of Lovers Past

    1. Haha, honestly, I was never a huge fan of Grease, it isn’t bad, but not my favorite either. Actually, a huge fan of West Side Story (it is in about tie place with Les Mis and Porgie and Bess), but the songs in that one aren’t quite as ridiculous, lol. Better watch out, I’m liking this Raoul more and more (hard to find male friends who’ll watch musicals), might try to steal him away from you 😘

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