The Moral Grey

The ebb and flow continues. Yesterday was hopefully. I had an ad answered quite enthusiastically on CL: “I’ve been looking for something EXACTLY like this for sooooo very long!!!!” It was from a woman in her late twenties, quite beautiful with long black hair and a thin frame. Married, with kids, but she said she could host occasionally. We agreed to meet in town for a date first. It seemed to perfect, there was an interest and spark in our conversations, we exchanged numbers and switched to texting early on. All seemed to be going well, but then she disappeared before we confirmed everything. No idea what happened and I haven’t heard from her today, so I think she may have changed her mind suddenly. Who knows, I’ll guess we’ll wait and see on this one.

Two more matches on Tinder, I’m up to twelve now. I don’t normally message first (I want to make sure they read my profile), but one of them was just too cute to wait for. A blonde in her early twenties, quite the knockout, tiny and skinny, but more of a stick than Sierra who had a more hourglass shape with her curves. She was beautiful, with a vixen like face. I figured I’d give it a try, so I messaged her, she got back to me, and apparently had read my profile.

2017-01-25 13_08_29-IMG_5242.png

She’s a senior at the university, but a year older than Sierra (who was a tad on the young side to be graduating). We hit it off right away and we seem to share the same quirky self-deprecating sense of humor. We messaged all afternoon, and then switched to text to exchange more pics and set up a meeting. Well, turns out she is very busy with a full class load and a job, which means she is only available the occasional weekend. Darn, since she wanted an ongoing thing, we determined we couldn’t really make it work since I can’t get away on weekends, I’m pretty much limited to the occasional evening and during work hours weekdays. That’s probably the 6th relationship I’ve missed out on just because we couldn’t make the scheduling work.

Today, utter silence from everything, other than confirming a few things with Friday’s hook-up, hopefully that will pan out, but that seems like it will be a one time thing, and I’m hoping to find a more regular partner.


7 thoughts on “The Moral Grey

    1. Morally grey, ha, anything like 50 Shades?

      Maybe for her, nothing like it for me, haha. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t have the desire to tie people up and call them names before I have sex with them 😛

      This is more what I was thinking, xo

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    1. Yeah, it is altogether common. Though, lately, I find nine times out of ten if I politely ask them if they changed their mind or whatever to just say so and I usually get a response. Most of the time it is a rejection, but every once it in a while it was something came up, they got busy, a message got lost, so I find it worth while to follow-up at least. In this woman’s case, she is like me an uses a Google Voice number for texting, she may have had to turn it off her phone perhaps to avoid prying eyes and hasn’t turned it back on yet. Who knows, but yeah, feels like she may have just ghosted me.

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