Wait What Wife?

The trend of life unloading bundles on me continues. No progress in weeks and suddenly my inbox is overflowing with girls (well for me anyways), 4 live ones last night. Patterns abound as well, two supposed ‘virgins’, one, an early twenties who has only fooled around with girls and toys, and another, a late teens who claims she’s never done anything. The former hasn’t gotten back to me, but she did message late. The latter I sent some pics to and she sent a bunch back. She is a fair skinned Latina, very pretty (just a reminder folks, scrub images you send to people on the internet of location data, I vet all images sent to me by doing two reverse images searches and checking EXIF data, because she didn’t scrub her images, I now have this girl’s home address, where she lived last year, what phone and camera she owns, and where she goes to school, not that I would ever use that information, but less savory individuals might).

Then there was another early twenties Latina, also thin and short and beautiful, but she didn’t notice the “married” part of the ad, we went back and forth for a good while, totally on board, then “wait what WIFE????”. This happens every once in a while, I wonder how much better my responses would be if I didn’t mention I was married in my ads, but I figure being up front is probably good for saving everyone’s time.

Most of the time when I answer w4m ads (legit ones, I am now up to almost 100% success rate of picking out the scammers and bots) I mention up front that I’m married, 70% of the time I get no response, 20% of the time they say they aren’t interested because I’m married, 5% of the time they say I should get a divorce, and the other 5% of the time they reply interested, but thus far none of those have ever gone anywhere. You figure with demographics, most people you talk to aren’t going to end up having sex with you, which means of the handful that I talk to, my chances are slim of sleeping with them. And, there are generally only 1-3 legit w4m ads posted daily, to hundreds and hundreds of m4w ads, I have to renew ads three times a day just to ensure I have an ad on the first two screen scrolls. It is an ugly numbers game.

Well, all this to say I accidentally (really!) broke my rule, I answered a w4m ad but I forgot to mention I was married (too busy talking with the other 3 I guess), I was a bit horrified after messaging back and forth with this girl for the better part of 20 messages and then realized she doesn’t know that I’m married because I forgot to mention it. In any case, we’ve exchanged pictures and phone numbers, I think she is beautiful, she thinks I’m handsome. She is very specific about wanting no-strings attached (NSA) casual sex. She seems real enough, not a scammer as far as I can see, decent grammar and spelling. She’s my age, and kind of looks like an older Sierra but classier and with long hair (another Latina, not sure what it is about Thursday nights now). I’m really not sure what to do now, we chatted till close to 1 am, and she wants to talk more today. She seems really into the NSA thing:2017-01-06-08_23_29-img_5125

I am interested in having a true affair partner, but perhaps a ‘one-night stand’ with a beautiful lady like this wouldn’t be so bad. I should probably just come clean because we are talking a whole lot more than NSA (TroubledTide and I agree that true NSA doesn’t exist, there is always some string) would suggest, but I can’t decide. If I say I’m married, 90% sure that means ‘goodbye’ as usual, and probably pissed at me for omitting that tidbit. Amazingly, she claims she hasn’t had sex in a year, I admitted it had been about a month for me (I think? losing track lately) and we talked surface level about Sierra (not the blackmail part, just that she was a ‘friend with benefits’). I remember Mommy (the tranny), told me that she/he wished I had never told him about my marriage, that the truth hurts and I shouldn’t tell anyone I’m having casual sex with in the future. I can’t decide if that would be ethical or not, I mean you don’t need someone’s life story to have sex with them right? But partner status does seem to be pretty standard information to share (as you can see, the majority of women are not comfortable sleeping with a married man), I digress, I’m not an ethical person I know, I can lie to my wife, but not to a stranger on the internet? What a contradiction. This whole thing has thrown me a bit and I’m stuck how to proceed. I’m very tempted to see what would happen if I met her for sex and didn’t tell her that I’m married, but that feels sleazy.


15 thoughts on “Wait What Wife?

  1. Hmmm. Tough dilemma. I say if you tell her about your wife then you should tell your wife about her. How’s that logic? 🙂 Oh and if you do end up telling her at some point then make sure she doesn’t know where you live.

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  2. Just go get fucked for Gawd sake and put us all out of your misery. She sounds perfect. If you want real, legit, long term, then you should do it the legit, long term way. Just sayin’ 😉 xo

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  3. It depends how you feel. Do you think it could be a one night stand or more? If you think more, it might be best to tell her. The longer you wait to reveal it, the worst it will be. If she finds out and you’ve been meeting for awhile, she might make your life hell. Like Sierra attempted but failed miserably to do. In the end, it’s your call. Just trying to look out for you.

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    1. It is hard to say, has made it clear she wants an NSA casual hookup, but she talked to me a lot last night and didn’t want me to get off the phone since she says that I’m “nice”, I have no clue. I have never had a one night stand before, from that standpoint I’m tempted to try, but I don’t know at this point. Thanks for looking out for me!

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  4. I need to catch up on your posts, I missed a lot it seems… hopefully tonight while I am at work (yes vacation is over. *sad face*) I can.

    Your wife is your wife… You are already lying to her so the whole being honest with her doesn’t count anymore and I hardly think she will go all Lorena Bobbitt on you. She will probably leave you but the lover is another story.
    What do they say? “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
    No one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected or feels that she has been used and angry woman will not go away quietly. Think fatal attraction…
    Better to be honest and upfront with the women you are talking to and while you are it set some rules for her to abide by, especially if things don’t go right. You don’t want her to throw you under the bus or feel like she needs to rescue you by telling your wife all about your perfect love.

    Anyway that is my take on the whole honesty thing… 😀

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    1. Been missing your insightful comments, sinful. I agree, if I hide my relationship status then I can’t be surprised at how this woman might react if she finds out. Better to seek the honest route as much as possible. Better not catch up, nothing but tragedy in the past, but no doubt some mind blowing surprises too if you don’t mind reading a sad story.

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