The Terms

Up until it was over, really over, I was trying to redeem myself with Sierra, get back to what we had initially (futile and foolish as it was). Now that the opportunity is lost, it is time to come to terms with it, and find peace from my regrets, the missed opportunities that were squandered. I need to learn from my mistakes.

I realize that getting over the loss of Sierra won’t be an overnight thing either. Sure, I’d done plenty of grieving ahead of time, but until it is really over you can’t do it all, as long as some hope remains. With all the holidays going on between now and New Years, I’m getting the feeling that opportunities are going to be rare anyways. Besides the fact that nothing and no one is just going to make me stop loving Sierra, and erase the pain of my separation from her. Even Sierra herself couldn’t do that with her ugly behavior toward the end in her coarse mistreatment and blackmail. It was sad we couldn’t end it with some semblance of a kind parting. But I don’t know what I could have expected from a girl like her.

In any case, Merry Christmas to all you perverts, kinksters, and fellow cheaters (and you normal nice folks too). Thanks for reading.


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