My wife and son made it out this morning. I’ve been getting organized, making my own to-do list in addition to the honey-do list she’d left me (I’m guessing mine would be a ‘honey-shouldn’t list’). I checked up on CL this morning. No real replies to my ads, though someone did offer to pay me money to let them suck my dick. This isn’t the first time, 99% certain it has to be a dude, but I still replied back that if they have a vagina they can suck it for free. I’m actually somewhat tempted to see how much they are offering…

I’ve never told anyone, but I did have one experience selling myself sexually for money. It was long distance actually, I had replied to an ad on w4m, turned out it was a dude. I was kind of pissed that we’d been back and forth and I’d finally showed pics before he revealed his true gender. But then he wouldn’t leave me alone, telling me how hot I was and how he wishes I was his. He finally offered to pay me $100 to cum in a pair of my boxers and ship them to him. I felt dirty just receiving messages from this guy, but then I figured, why not, I negotiated him up to $150 with included shipping, he agreed, provided I throw in a semen filled condom. I’m not sure what the laws are regarding shipping of seminal fluid, but in any case, business is business. I had an old ratty pair of boxers, I ejaculated in them, stuck them in a zip lock bag and hid them in the freezer for a day. Next day, shot a couple of loads in a condom (the businessman in me wanted to give the guy his money’s worth, hey maybe I could franchise) and stuck that in the freezer. I took pics, he sent me the $150 via Paypal, I packed up the merchandise with some ice packs and shipped it off to this guy (who lives in another state), no return address. He took a really disgusting pic of him licking the condom when he got it, but other than that, I was happy to have a little fun money my wife didn’t know about. To try to make up for it, I bought her a present, and then spent the rest on little things, that extra cash lasted me 6 months and it was nice. In hindsight, I should have not blown it, could have used it on hotels when I finally got to having real affairs.

Today, this guy was offering $50 to give me a blowjob. Honestly, guys disgust me sexually, they completely turn my stomach. Just the body shape, hair, all the stuff, even transsexuals can’t do it for me. I’d tried to do gay stuff, but it was like kissing your sister, nothing there (not really, incest fantasies in general can be hot, but only as passing fantasies, especially if you’ve seen my sister). I’m thinking $50 isn’t worth the “ugh” factor, besides, I struggle if a girl gives me a blowjob (guess I just have a vaginal addiction, the mouth can be nice, but just isn’t the same), I haven’t even gotten the semblance of an erection when a naked man is present so it wouldn’t really work either way. Still, I went back and forth with this guy for a while, it got weird. He wanted to be buds and find me on social networks, then he started saying stuff about being a “middle man”, he’d set things up and I’d show up, get my dick sucked, and get paid. Apparently, I’d mistook this guy, he was a pimp and wanted to hire me as some kind of gigolo. I laughed my ass off then filed his emails away for when I needed a good laugh later, no way was I replying.

No, I needed a woman, a real woman, with a body that only a woman could have. I couldn’t stop thinking about Sierra. She’d texted me at nearly midnight last night, I didn’t hear since I was asleep. She was asking who I got a ride with. Strange question to ask at that hour. I’ll text her today and I hope we can make a plan (one which she will undoubtedly not keep to). I have to take care of the dogs this time while my wife is gone, and my renter is in town and doesn’t show any signs of leaving. Plus, I have five events to attend this weekend between family, friends, and church, and work next week, a long honey-do list, and I’ll need to field Skype calls from my wife so I can see her and my son while they are gone. This isn’t going to be easy. Still, looks like my best bet is to try to have Sierra over, provided she doesn’t flake out. She knows my place and I know her (as well as anyone can know this crazy, unpredictable girl). For all her craziness, I’d bank on her not intending to get me in trouble. Since my renter keeps to his room for the most part, and I have a private entrance to the upstairs, I think it is doable. Sneak Sierra in, and if I can keep her from shouting and stomping around, I don’t think my renter would even know there is a second person up here with me. And if he gets an inkling, A) he wouldn’t know who or what is going on, I am allowed to have people over after all, and B) he isn’t likely to say anything if he did.


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