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I haven’t heard from Mandy lately. Myrtle appears to have deleted the email account she sent me a message from since I’m now getting undeliverable back when I email her. Shame, she seemed on board, I sent her some pics and she sent me one back, she is quite the looker, but maybe it got too real for her. Prospects are looking poor for this weekend, Sierra seems to be standoffish again. Pretty sure she is exploring her other options, but she’ll probably keep me as a backup. Not sure how I feel about that, but I know in my heart that if she wanted to get together with me while my wife is gone, I would do anything to make that happen.

No more replies to my CL ads. Looks like I need to do some more searching, as we get closer I’ll probably branch off to some other social networks. I’m questioning if I should continue this, maybe it is time to give up for a bit. I don’t want to regret squandering an opportunity though. I know once I get into the weekend and early next week, there will be no resisting, I’m going to be scrambling to find someone.


6 thoughts on “No Reply

  1. While I know you continue to be stuck on the contact thing and really, I’m not pushing… I’ve had proposals after my games… just saying… 😉 If you’re in a jam and need some words of comfort, I got your back. xx -Fallen

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