Let Fly

Anne messaged me again this morning, it was a sexy message, telling me how much she misses me inside of her. She hoping we can meet some morning soon, we’ll play it by ear. I’m definitely in need of some release, and it would be nice to share it with her. It is sad to me, I’m sitting here moping about not being anything special to Sierra, but yet the shoe is on the other foot so to speak with Anne. I value her and the experiences we’ve shared, but to me, they were nothing like what I’d had with Sierra. It is an unintended hypocrisy. That sickens me in a way, but what can I do about it? I can’t make any sense of it all.


6 thoughts on “Let Fly

    1. Thanks Fallen. I appreciate it, you’ll be the first to know if I have time for a long distance affair and discover that I can do without touch (but I don’t see how I can go back now that I’ve tasted it, sadly)

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  1. Maybe a case of I want what I can’t have?
    Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase?
    I’ve experienced both of those.

    For me, I had a couple of really dark years and the Sierra’s of my life made me feel really bad about myself which is what I felt I deserved. At the same time, my spouse who loved me unconditionally no matter how many men I was with made me feel worse bc if the love he showed.
    I’m really glad those days are passed.
    That had nothing to do with your situation, lol, sorry.

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    1. Probably all of the above are part of it.

      Thanks for sharing that, may not have anything to do with my situation now, but you never know how valuable that experience could be. I’m glad it is passed for you, perhaps it is just beginning for me.


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