Queen Anne’s Revenge

Damnation seize my Soul if I give you Quarters, or take any from you.

Anne messaged me this morning. Funny, I know some of you have been wondering what happened to her. So, speak of the devil. I haven’t seen or heard from her in almost a month. I feel guilty for not investing as much in her, especially when we’ve enjoyed such amazing sex together. I am more attracted to Sierra, I think a factor is that Anne and I have similar personalities, while Sierra and I are opposites in many ways. I’ve had incredible sex with both of them. But, with Sierra, I never know if I’m on the same page with her, let alone in the same book, while with Anne things are just simple and easy (“hey you want to meet and fuck”, “sure, let’s do it”). Why did I invest more into the hard road, the crazy girl that I can’t figure out rather than relying on the simple one who I work with so well. In some ways, I almost feel like I prefer the challenge that Sierra presents, the constant uncertainty, the unpredictability, and vying for dominance.

In any case, I figure, why not, it would be nice to see Anne again. I reply back that I can meet her once I solve a minor crisis at work.

Soon I’m kissing her on the bed she shares with her sister and clothes are coming off. It seems like it has been so long since I’d seen her, or had sex in general. I had no intention of mentioning Sierra to her.

“Oh god, I’ve missed you inside me,” she said as I slid inside her, I was harder than a rock right away, over-swollen and veiny from lack of release.
“I’ve missed you,” I emphasized.
We fucked slowly at first, building up the pace gradually. Sex with Anne is so different than with Sierra. Her vagina contracts really hard at intervals, squeezing my penis so tight it is hard to keep thrusting, it feels amazing. It does slow things down, and makes it difficult to cum, makes it last so long. Sierra is just plain tight overall, like her vagina is just a few sizes too small, she is also a bit more active, often matching my thrusts with her own. One thing I find interesting, during sex it is hard to maintain eye contact with Anne, it feels awkward for some reason, I get the feeling she’s uncomfortable with it, or maybe it is me, but with Sierra I could just stare and be lost in her brown eyes.
“I can’t wait to feel your hot cum all over me,” Anne was moaning towards the end. I concentrated on releasing, pulling out at the last second and shot one of the biggest loads I’d had in a long time, it was enough to hit her breasts and cover her stomach.
“Oh my god, a little pent up huh?” she smiled, feeling my semen, coating her hand with the silky white fluid, letting it drip off.
“Afraid so,” I panted, looking at my cock laying in a pool of cum on her stomach just below her glistening ashy skinned naval.

We got up to rinse off in the shower before going back, I got between her legs and began to lick and suck her clit, slowly thrusting with a finger. Anne, by her admission, has a lot of trouble having orgasms with a partner. I ended up down there for over half an hour working on her, trying everything, she came close a few times, I could feel the quivering, quaking of her legs and her clit getting hard, but we just couldn’t get it. She finally told me it was her turn and had me lay back while she put my cock in her mouth. Honestly, I’m not much for blowjobs, but Anne seems to really enjoy giving them (she says she needs the practice). She is really fascinated by testicles, her only previous partner wouldn’t let her touch his, so she was always feeling mine, licking them, sucking them gently. After a little coaching, she had become quite amazing at it. I’ve never orgasmed during a blowjob, usually I’ll get hard at first, but after ten or twenty minutes I feel like I need to fuck instead or I’ll go soft. Sierra had only blown me twice, and she did a fine job. But, Anne proceeded to give me the best blowjob to date right then. She had such gentle but consistent suction, and kept licking the shaft and balls at intervals, I got ridiculously hard and thought I was going to cum a few times, but nothing happened. Finally, I need to fuck her again so I got back on top of her and we went at it for a while. I tried again, but in vain to finish her off while I was inside her, rubbing her clit with my fingers. I never cum more than once with Anne, so we fucked to our hearts’ content and then got up to take a shower.

Parting with Anne is always in sharp contrast to Sierra. Of course, I’m always the one leaving, but the goodbyes were always long, lots of kissing, thanks for a great time, looking forward to next time, and more kissing, “I really need to get going” and a final goodbye.

The afterglow has put a bit of a spring back in my step, and for that I’m grateful.


11 thoughts on “Queen Anne’s Revenge

        1. That is the funny thing, I agree. I can’t stand those traits. She and I would never be friends, simple as that, but those traits have made me infatuated with her in a way I’d never imagined was possible. Lol, that is why none of this makes sense.


          1. I’ve done the same. I had a FWB (who ironically is now just a good friend I can’t bear to lose) once who was just an utter douche canoe. He was an awful person but I was drawn to him like nothing I’ve ever felt.
            He has settled down and so have I, lol


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