The Office

I suppose you think I’m very brazen or très fou or something.

I don’t think you’re any fou-er than anyone else.

Sadly the mattress we’d earmarked for theft had disappeared overnight, guess you can’t trust anyone these days. Sierra was expectedly disappointed. Still, in short order we were making out behind her apartment while she told me to find her a mattress so she can fuck me on it, I begin to feel more confident as she was grinding against me, giving me a nice boner. Things were getting hot, and I thought ‘all my suite mates at work are off on vacation.’ Barring being able to find a mattress, I offer to show her my desk at the office instead.

As we drive to my work, I muse over a few cover stories.
“If we run into anyone at work, you’re… my cousin.” I thought out loud, not sure how believable that would be, we look nothing alike, but maybe they’d assume step-cousins.
“Haha, ok.”
“But, if for some reason my wife comes by, she shouldn’t, but just in case, you’re an intern, got it?” My wife never got too acquainted with our interns at least, though I doubt she’d believe Sierra was there to work in those tiny shorts, a tank top, and sandals; still I figured a thin excuse was better than none in the unlikely event.
“Ok dude, let’s just try not to get caught,” she giggled.

The hall was empty and silent as I unlocked the door to my office suite, most folks were gone at lunch by now. So far so good, but better make this fast. I showed Sierra to my office and close the door behind us. I’m still a little concerned about dick problems, despite having gotten hard when we were making out earlier, but I keep calm hoping I can break this curse as Sierra plops down in my office chair and pulls off her top. But, fuck, I can’t figure it out, I’m looking at the hottest woman I’ve ever seen naked in real life, and nothing, my dick feels totally numb. Am I just intimidated? Sick? Pulling a Danny Glover and getting too old for this shit? Do I need to start popping viagra?

She takes off my shirt and I lift her legs to pull off her shorts and undies. I start to go down on her, tasting her delicious pussy, slightly musky from sweating on a hot day hunting for mattresses. Still no dick reaction, thank god she seems to know what to do this time, grabbing me and pulling me in for a kiss she strokes my dick holding it inches from her pussy. I just close my eyes and think about how much I want to fuck her right then, as I feel her tongue in my mouth, moving my hips slowly. It was like hypnosis, I imagined my hard cock in her tight pussy, next thing I know I’m looking down at that very thing. Holding her legs on my shoulders I fuck her in my office chair, kissing her deeply as we moan and the chair squeaks. I think a few times how I hope nobody is going to walk past the room, but it was too good to stop.
“So, if your wife bursts in, I’m supposed to say ‘hey, I’m your cousin!’ right?” Sierra giggles breathlessly.
“No, no, that’s if my co-workers burst in. If my wife bursts in, you’re my intern.” I laugh. “And what the fuck good would it do to tell my wife you’re her cousin?  She knows who her cousins are!”
“I figured if she got married in her twenties she probably has daddy issues and probably doesn’t know her paternal cousins!” She looked into my eyes, giving me a sexy grin.
I just kiss her, moaning and feeling her tongue with mine, telling her how hot she is. She keeps grinding into me until I cum.

“Well, fuck,” I say as I watch her pussy expel another glob of semen onto my chair’s fabric, now dark with the moisture of bodily fluids.
“Hehe, hey, you did this.”
“Yeah, guess I did, but would you mind at least getting off the chair and letting me clean you up?”
“Why, you don’t want me doing this?” She smiled with faux innocence as she got half up then rubbed her sopping pussy lips all over the end of the chair, just so now the entire thing was almost evenly coated in jizz, pussy juice, and sweat.
All I can do is sigh, hardly made any difference at this point, I’m never going to get those stains out of the fabric. ‘This girl is nuts,’ I think as I pick her up and kiss her. I put her on my desk instead this time, and kneel between her legs to suck her clit.
“What gets you off?” I ask her.
“Mmmm, that, and fingers,” she moaned back.
I put a finger in, thrusting slowly to the rhythm of my licking and sucking. She continued to moan and her pussy sucked and squeezed my fingers as she reached her climax.

Once again, taking Sierra to the office is like trying to control a cat in a yarn store. She was stealing articles of my clothing and running naked into my suite mates’ offices hiding them in various places and commenting on my colleagues’ kids’ pictures on their walls. Finally, I got her to settle down after I made her a cup of coffee from the Keurig in the common area so I could try to clean my damp office chair before getting her back to her place.

“People are totally watching us,” she said as I lightly bit her lower lip and kissed her back at her apartment’s parking lot.
“I’m not worried, they are more likely to know you than me. Ow!” I said as she viciously bit my lip back.
“Send me an update on the chair,” she said hopping out of the car.
‘Damn, I’m going to need to find towel to be able to work the rest of the day.’ I think to myself as I drive back to work. Luckily, I found a beach towel in the trunk and it seems to be keeping my pants dry as I type this.


11 thoughts on “The Office

  1. Well that was stressful. Right up to the hypnosis part. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to read it all. Glad to hear everything is working.

    Sierra sounds fun. And an it crazy. That would stress me out. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Hot… hot…

    Its been fun catching up and now I can leave for the day with a smile on my face.
    I feel like a stalker but I couldn’t stop reading… 🙂


    1. Up late reading I see… yeah, this is a good memory. Sierra is unbelievable, I hope I’ve redeemed myself somewhat in her eyes and she sticks with me a while longer.

      Thanks for stalking me 😉 and have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. the hard on problem – my current guy has this problem sometimes and it always makes me feel like he’s not into me or he wants someone else – he reassures me this is not the case but honestly I don’t remember this ever happening at all in the first few months we have been seeing each other a little over a year and it seems to be happening more and more and it really bothers me I feel like I don’t turn him on – but reading your post made me feel a little better BUT I still think he’s tired of me ugh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously, guys are superficial brute beasts. If he was ever into you, I would wager he still is, but might just be having some kind of problem like I’ve been having. Urge him to see a doctor about it if it is persistent, if he is super resistant to that, might have him try taking panax/red ginseng supplements (like 2,000 mg a day), lots of studies have shown that helps with ED (most studies showing in 80% of cases) and I just started taking some for myself and my penis’ blood flow has been feeling more normal (placebo effect or no, I like it). I can’t get over how attractive I find Sierra, but I’ve still had these issues, so I highly doubt that he stopped be attracted to you.

      Best of luck!

      Liked by 1 person

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