To the Mattresses

We don’t belong to each other. We just took up one day by the river.

Sierra took a hit off her glass one-hitter, blowing out a cloud of acrid marijuana smoke.
“Do you smoke?” she asked, offering me the pipe.
“I’ll smoke just about anything socially, or cigars and pipes by myself,” I said “But, not during work hours, thanks though.”
A bit of an exaggeration, I had never smoked a stimulant stronger than tobacco, or a depressant/psychedelic stronger than marijuana or hash, and probably never would.
“Are you worried about being seen with me?” I asked.
“Nah, you can pass for twenty.”
Glad to know I still looked young, but no wonder most people didn’t take me seriously when I wasn’t wearing a tie. Still, I felt I stuck out a bit, most of the late teen and early twenties students I saw running and biking around the complex where in jeans or shorts, certainly not business casual.

We were standing in the parking lot, furtively eyeing a group of staff from the student housing complex as they shuffled new and old furniture about. Sierra had asked for my help to steal a new mattress out of a huge stack of new ones that had been sitting outside wrapped in plastic for a few days. Of course, by the time I arrived the lot was inundated with workers refreshing the apartments for new tenants. But, they didn’t appear to be touching the stack of mattresses sitting in the corner of the lot by the fence. Standing there, eyeing those mattresses for theft, I felt like I was in a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“This makes me so sad.” Sierra pouted “Those mattresses have just been lying there for days, this is the first time anyone has been working out here. I wonder if they’d say anything if we just go up and grab one.”
“Probably not. We just go up, grab one, walk away without hesitating, I bet nobody would say anything.”
“Think so?”
“You’re taking the bigger risk here, they don’t know me.”
“I only know that one guy, I bet I could ask him.” She pointed to some student employee in a ball cap, but as if on cue he hopped into a golf cart and drove off.

“Maybe we should just wait till tomorrow?” I said as we walked back towards her apartment building where I’d parked my car.
“Yeah, but if someone else takes them I’m going to be so sad.”

We wonder what to do as we drive off. I tell her I need to be getting back to work soon. In all honesty, I’m a bit worried about my dick working given the issues I’ve had the last couple times. I probably shouldn’t have gone to see her at all today, but the mattress adventure sounded too enticing to miss. We decide on one of those hipster coffee shops on the other side of town (not a place frequented by anyone I know, but I still watched my back). She sat on the arm of the leather chair I was sitting in as we drank our coffee, she leaned over with my arm around her, showing me Snapchats on her phone: her elaborate Halloween costume, the numerous countries around the world she’d visited over the past couple years along with the occasional anecdote, particularly about visiting family in South America. Given the limited time, I drove her back to her apartment, surprisingly she doesn’t seem shy about fiddling with her top to the point of the occasional nipple slip as we talked. Of course, that leads to making out. We agree to meet tomorrow when I have more time, and we’ll try to pull off our mattress heist then.


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