Nothing From Nothing

For men, I think, love is a thing formed of equal parts lust and astonishment. The astonishment part women understand. The lust part they only think they understand.

Today, I was feeling pretty good, and I had the perfect excuse for getting out for the evening: seeing a friend who was in town. Perfect opportunity to see Sierra again. Thinking that my erection problem may have just been due to the excitement of the drive or the awkwardness of the public location and backseat, I hatched a plan to use a conference room at work and that evening would be the perfect time to put the plan in motion. I hit up Sierra again, sure enough, she was down.

As she hopped in the car at her apartment, she moved in for a kiss which turned up the heat fast.
“You better get going unless you want me to take my clothes off right here,” she giggled feeling my crotch.
We drove to my work, parked, and walked towards the back door. True to her unpredictable nature, Sierra jumped onto a bench then hopped on to my back, I barely caught her legs and gave her a piggyback ride. We both giggled, arriving breathlessly at the back entrance to my office building like a couple of teenagers. I unlocked the door and we walked down the silent corridor to an empty conference room, I keep thinking how I hope nobody reviews the security camera footage.

Wanting to do one last equipment check before take-off, I left her in there to excuse myself to the restroom. I mean, I did a check, my cock was still there where I left it. Seemed to be in working order as far as I could tell. Coming back, I found her lying in the center of the table, dress straps around her shoulders with a discarded manila folder lying across her nether regions. I kissed my way up her thighs and pulled off her underwear, enjoying the thrill of burying my face in her beautiful pussy before moving up to kiss her lips. I tried to keep positive, but what…the…fuck, my dick was not working again even though this was probably the hottest thing I’d ever done in my life as I kissed this young girl atop a table in a place I generally held meetings. I gave her head for a while, but nothing, I was completely numb downstairs.

I picked her up and put her up against the wall, continuing to wrap my tongue around hers, she was getting hotter and hotter, telling me how much she wanted me inside her. She stroked me as my dick sat inches from her pussy and we kissed, finally I got a hard on and entered her, but it wasn’t to last. In mere minutes my dick softened. I was really beginning to lose heart, wondering what the hell was wrong with me. Sierra seemed unfazed, but I was seriously worried.

“Guess my wife has cursed me.”
“Yeah? Guess we just need to get farther away from her?”
Then her phone was ringing. I could hear her clearly annoyed friend on the other end wondering why she was 20 minutes late to be picked up to get to a party.
“Shit, we need to go.” She laughed as we both began throwing on our clothes.
Not before she grabbed a white board marker and wrote ‘Jason fucked me in the pussy’ and drew a giant dick in a pussy across the board, which I promptly erased before she drew another and another. I had to wrestle the markers away from her and shove her out the door and lock it behind me to adequately clean the board before we ran back to my car and I drove her back to drop her off.

I guess I pushed myself too hard? A week of recovery wasn’t enough for my escapades Monday and Tuesday? I hope Sierra gives me another opportunity. I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. What good is fucking a guy who can’t fuck you? I’m too tired to even think about it right now. Probably thinking about it will just make it worse, but what can I do?


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