Young Lust

Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.

I spent the week recovering from my orgy. By today, I was really missing Sierra, so I texted her in the late morning.

Bathroom or backseat?

I picked her up on campus and drove out to a secluded spot by the railroad tracks next to some fenced buildings that house what looks to be electrical and network equipment. The ground was muddy from the recent rains and I gave her a good scare as I drifted a few turns in the muddy dirt.

“Holy shit, what are you doing?!” She laughed as I spun a few donuts, the rear wheels kicking up fountains of dirt and mud.
“I used to come out here during high school to do this with a buddy every time it rained.”
Mud sprayed across the back windows as I drifted along a puddle. Saul and I were kind of gear heads back in high school. We never fit in with the ricer crowd. And to the rich kids, with their 60k+ sports cars their dads would buy them, we were a couple of jokes. We’d get old beaters and junkers from CL or friends, Japanese, American, European, didn’t matter, just old 60-80’s buckets of bolts. We’d fix them up just enough to get the motor running and then go tearing around town joyriding. Half the time we wouldn’t even register them so we were always hiding from the cops. Now I guess I was running and hiding from my wife. My current car was up there in age, but she ran, even though she had seen better days, but as a yester-year sports sedan she still had a good sized motor and a shit-ton of torque to the rear wheels.

Sierra had to post a few Snapchats to mark the occasion in between DJing tunes from her phone to my stereo. We found a spot between an old dumpster and some gated buildings. I got out to pee, but predictably, Sierra hopped into the driver’s seat as soon as I was out of sight and drove off. I came back to her feebly spinning the tires about in the soft mud. When she saw me, she pulled up and I got in.
“This is the best idea you’ve had.” She said as she drove up and down by the tracks as I coached her on how to drift, spin, slide, and avoid getting stuck in the mud till we could hardly see out of the windows from the debris coating them.
Finally, we parked it and climbed into the back seat. It was roomier than I thought it would be, we made out as clothes began to come off. My heart was beating hard, not sure if it was the thrill of the drive or the fact we were still in semi-public, but then, fuck, I couldn’t get it up. I gave Sierra some vigorous head hoping that’d get my numb loins going. It helped a bit, I inserted my semi-erection into her tight wet pussy, but it wouldn’t last or get fully hard. What the hell?! Sierra was patient with it all, ignoring it and just stuck to kissing and holding me and generally being her usual sexy self.

“Hey, there’s a truck pulling up behind us,” I said kissing her and peaking over the seat-back.
“Mmm, uh huh.”
“No really, there is a truck.”
A large pickup truck pulled up behind us next to one of the fenced buildings and a worker jumped out. We sat up in the back seat and I put my arm around her, trying to look nonchalant as the guy walked by while we sat there naked in a car covered in mud, luckily he seemed to be deliberately trying to ignore us, looking straight ahead as he unlocked the nearby gate and disappeared behind the building.
When he was gone, Sierra said, “Ok, now might be a good time to get dressed.”
We both pulled on our clothes.
“Help me with these!” Sierra stood up and I pulled up her underwear and tried to get her tight leggings up over her sizeable ass, unfortunately they’d gotten rolled into bunches and were being uncooperative.
She panicked a bit since it took a while, the whole while her bare ass was jiggling visible through the rear window like she was in some rap music video as I tried to unroll and lift her pants.

Finally, we got underway. I dropped her off, and she hopped out.
“Bye,” she called as she ran off to her apartment.
This girl is definitely not one for long goodbyes. Perhaps she’s afraid of being seen with me in the midst of a student housing complex. I had to go get the car washed of course, and Sierra insisted on before and after pics of my car covered in mud and then shiny clean.

She was so hot, but I just felt nothing down there. It was going so perfect and then that had to happen and it makes me sick to think about right now. Besides my first time with Anne, I’ve never had erectile issues before, ever, so what could be wrong? And why did it have to happen now? I hope I can just chalk it up to being excited for the drive, scared of being in public, and a bit uncomfortable in the back seat.


11 thoughts on “Young Lust

    1. First time trying to do it in the back seat of a car in the open. So, hoping that’s all there is to it! But seriously, I thought I could just whip it out anytime anywhere and do it! Don’t know what happened 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s probably why. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, you make it seem as though you “work” on demand. Are you an exhibitionist or was that the goal on your bucket list ? 😉


        1. I do have a unique position in my company and work very independently managing my own time and projects. Definitely not an exhibitionist and I don’t really have a bucket list (probably should make one huh). I’m a pretty vanilla, average guy, just looking for an intimate sexual connection and fun. Unfortunately, I can’t host now that my wife is back, Sierra can’t host because of her roommate situation so that is making finding places to do this very challenging. I better learn how to perform in public or I don’t think this relationship will make it far 😦


  1. Did you enjoy teaching her how to do donuts? She seemed to have fun. 🙂

    I am sorry about not being able to have some sexy time with her. I hope you figure things out.

    Liked by 1 person

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