Home is Where

I can resist anything except temptation.

This morning I was sitting in church, turning over in my mind the events with Sierra yesterday. She was beautiful, definitely hotter than any girl I’d ever imagined dating or having sex with back when I was single. Of course, I thought most girls were out of my league back then. I love those brown eyes, her hair framing her cute face, her chip-on-the-shoulder attitude, her tanned cleavage in that sexy dress. She is only a year or two younger than Anne (per the ages they’ve given me at least) but vastly more immature and youthful. I can’t seem to figure out if she is playing games with me or just really flaky. Perhaps I’m biased for being so attracted to her, but I’m inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt for now. She seems into me, if perhaps just a little on the fence (and maybe I’m a moron, lol). She pretty much confirmed this in the correspondence we have this afternoon and she seems pretty confident she wanted to meet around 3 pm:

The earlier the better, I’ll shower.

I’m certainly not going to hold my breath for her or rearrange my schedule for her at this point. Good thing since 3 pm comes and goes, I hit her up and get a reply that she’ll be ready in a bit, then nothing. Pretty sure at this point she is standing me up. Well, everybody plays the fool, sometimes. I tell her I’ll be free later in the evening if she is available.

I was getting worried that my empty house this weekend was going to end up being a missed opportunity. Sierra wasn’t going to happen, and Anne was pretty unsure about being able to meet today since she has to work late, but then towards the evening I hear from her:

I think I’ll leave work early and reward myself with you.

Awesome, I know I can depend on Anne if she says she can make it, so I cleaned up the house and prepped the bedroom, then hopped in the shower, shaved, hid the pictures of my wife, hid things that show my real name (oh what’s the point, she’s going to know my address now). Anne and I agree to 8 pm, I give her my address and she shows up on time. Of course, as she is coming down the street the neighbor decides it is a great time to walk their dog, but Anne keeps driving and parks down the road then sneaks over to my place. Good head on that girl’s shoulders. I meet her at the door, it is so good to see her again after almost two weeks and our kiss is sweet and passionate before we go up stairs to the moodily lit bedroom. Guess we were both pretty horny, we don’t mince words, right away we are kissing hungrily and I’m laying her back as our clothes are coming off.

It was my first time having another woman in the bed I share with my wife, and it doesn’t disappoint. The sex was incredible and passionate as it always is with Anne. Even though it was only our fourth encounter, there is a sense of familiarity already there. It is still new and exciting, but more comfortable as we can read each other now. Watching us fuck in my closet door mirror was hot, my pale body between her ashy dark legs, pounding her deep inside her tight pussy, her pulling me in to kiss her lips as we moaned and the bed rocked gently (we’ve learned she really likes it slow and passionate). I can still see the sizable stain on the edge of the bed that she made while I was giving her oral (of course, I plan to change the sheets before my wife comes home). We go for a couple of hours until Anne has to be getting home (and I need to be calling my wife around 10-11 pm anyways). It seemed to fly by, so fast we hardly had time to talk about much besides some chit-chat about what’s new and hoping our hosting options will change in the future. I’m tired, but extremely satisfied from the hookup I’d been looking for all week.

During this time I miss a text from Sierra asking when I was thinking for the evening (what’d I tell you, space cadet). At this point I have no confidence in Sierra coming through, but even if I did I’m spent from my time with Anne, but I figure a little texting wouldn’t hurt:

hmu 11 or 12 pm

I just got off the phone with my wife and it is a little after 11 and still no word from Sierra, if she does get back to me, it’ll probably be some half-assed apology at around 3 am. My eyes are very heavy and there is no sense in waiting up till midnight for this girl. I think I’ll finally sleep soundly tonight.


6 thoughts on “Home is Where

  1. Damn, I feel like a guy right now because I want to slap your ass and give you a high5 while saying great job dude!

    That’s awesome your week wasn’t wasted away. 🙂

    Oh and seeing you and partner fuck in the mirror is incredible arousing. mmmmm

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! High 5 for that score then!

    Too funny, I’m sitting here at work way too exhausted and unable to focus, but I love watching your progress through my blog via my notifications. Makes me smile every time my phone dings (yes I turn off these notifications when I go home!). When that happens, it makes me feel like I’m sharing the experience with my reader, which makes me recall the experience that made me write in the first place, it is like a positive feedback loop. Which is probably a bad things since this is adultery we are talking about, but I’ll take what I can get these days 😛

    Yeah, I lament that something didn’t happen earlier in the week, but, can’t complain…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, now that I think about it, that all sounds rather creepy of me huh to watch my readers get caught up on my blog? Lol, well, sorry, believe me, I just look forward to some of the thoughtful comments some of my regular readers leave, I generally try to work during the day and ignore my notifications until I have a break. I better just get back to work now (you know what they say about idle hands) and keep my head down before I embarrass myself on the internet, because that’d be a terrible shame.

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      1. You kidding right? You aren’t creepy and no different than any blogger out there who posts in a public forum. Everyone wants their post read and be commented on… why else write on this venue? If they didn’t seek that then they could write on a journal or make their blog private…

        so there.. 😛

        Don’t feel weird. I like the interaction you have with your readers, including me.

        Now get back to work! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Wohooo!!! I like knowing I brought a smile to your tired face. 🙂
      I enjoy reading your stories just as much as you love to write them. Hence, the reason I keep coming back. 🙂

      Naw, it isn’t bad.. embrace them, relieve them, and continue to share them with us. Yes?

      Liked by 1 person

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