In the Flesh

Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.

Good news. The weekend has come and my renter has decided to leave town for a few days. Well, that changes matters a bit since now I can host with greatly reduced fear (as long as I can avoid the neighbors’ prying eyes). I’m still keeping all my irons in the fire since at this point I’m still having doubts that I’ll have any success while my wife is gone, so I let both Anne and Sierra know I’ve got an empty house so I can host freely.

Today, Anne has family in town, so she was concerned about being able to get away. But, around 3:30 Sierra says she has a short window of time available and wants to meet for a quickie at 4. I reply:

great, I’m coming to pick you up.

omg omg omg, ok, I’m getting ready.

Apparently she wasn’t expecting me to actually follow through? She is still understandably guarded about me going to her place (hey, I could be a creepy stalker), so I go to meet her at a nearby shopping center. Of course, she is about 15 minutes late, she walks over to my car in sunglasses and a sun dress and without any hesitation opens the passenger door and flops into the seat. She spoke to me like she already knew me, almost like that guy from your dorm you met on the first day of school all those years ago that you’d stop and chat with from time to time.
“You’re going to kill me” were her first words as she pulled off her shades revealing her beautiful brown eyes.
“Really? I usually wait till the second date for that,” I’m a little caught off guard, usually meeting someone for the first time you start with the ‘hi, how are you, my name is’ routine.
Unfazed, she continues, “No, you’re literally going to kill me, this man-child just texted that I’ve got to be there at 5:30 now.”
Honestly, I was so surprised she showed up to meet me at all that I didn’t really feel pissed (given how this CL thing usually goes and that she’d been flaking out on me ever since she replied to my ad several days ago). Logically, I should have been a little mad after driving 20 minutes to pick her up (then waiting another 15 for her to show up), but I was numb to disappointment lately. We sat in the car for a while and chatted, the whole while she probably sent a dozen messages and received three times that number, plus took a few selfies to post on Snapchat. Conversation covers a range of topics: she finally accepts that I’m about a decade older than her, she’s fascinated that my car is older than her too, and how she can’t believe that I’m a father, and she seems rather disappointed I won’t let her feed my son animal crackers sometime, and about her, what she did over the summer, how school is going. Finally, I start the car and tell her I’ll drop her at her place if she wants or wherever.
“I’m really tempted just to blow this guy off and come back with you to your place.”
“Sure, let’s do it,” we go back and forth and she seems totally undecided what she wants to do.
“You seem really undecided, so I’m making the executive decision, we’re going back to my place.”
I start to drive towards the freeway, but she panics as we are going by the student housing where she has her apartment and tells me to pull in there. I’m not in the habit of kidnapping people, even if she is still totally undecided and questioning what she should do.
“You know, that one selfie you sent me makes you look 300 lbs, and you’re like skinny,” she comments flippantly.
“Fuck you talking about?”
“I’m always right, you seriously look 300 pounds in this picture.”
She shows me her phone as I drive through the parking lot, I guess she was right, the angle wasn’t very flattering to my belly.
“Fine, you’re really exaggerating, but I guess you are right.”
“See. I’ll have to teach you how to take good selfies.”
I park near her building (or what she says is her building), she says “Seriously, this won’t happen again, I’ll only text you next time if I can actually make it. Bye.” and trots off.
I shake my head at the whole episode and drive on home, hoping Anne comes through.

But, no surprise, I’m lying in my bed alone tonight figuring nothing is going to work out this weekend while I have the house to myself. And I’m trying to figure out Sierra and wondering if I’ll ever see her again. We actually met in the flesh and that is only the second time I’ve made that transistion with a girl from CL, so maybe there is hope.

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