Prologue Part 5: Treading on Dreams

Sometimes, too, just as Eve was created from the rib of Adam, so a woman would come into existence while I was sleeping, conceived from some strain in the position of my limbs. Formed by the appetite that I was on the point of gratifying, she it was, I imagined, who offered me that gratification. My body, conscious that its own warmth was permeating hers, would strive to become one with her, and I would awake.

Ok, promise, this is the end of the prologue. We’ll be getting into recent and current events from here on out.

I was having a grand ol’ time with my female friends on CL. It felt good to (seemingly) be wanted, well, at least more than I was at home (which wasn’t saying much). My wife and I would go through our typical good and bad periods. After my son had been born, we didn’t have sex for a long time (understandable with a vaginal birth). When we finally did start having sex again, there were a few highlights and we did grow a bit closer together which was nice (however briefly).

I remember one particular evening after we’d had some surprisingly good sex, and my eyes closed happily as my head hit the pillow. My phone gave a vibrate and it was on my ‘mischief’ email account (I hide my notifications and must pass through a couple layers of authentication to access the actual message). It was a semi-nude pic of a supposedly 18 year old girl wanting me to give her a baby. I had pretty much forgotten about my ill-fated ‘I’ll knock you up’ ad. The girl in the photo was definitely hot, thin, decent rack, big ass in a nice pink thong. Based on the language and specifics used, really didn’t seem to be a scam bot, and I vetted the image through a reverse image search as was my practice: seemed legit. Still, my first thought was ‘I need to remember to take down that silly ad’ since I’d reconsidered taking a crazy risk like impregnating another woman just so I could get my rocks off. But, as usual, I let that pic burrow into my brain as I slept that evening, despite having no intention of replying to the girl’s message.

In the morning, curiosity got the better of me. So, as usual, I figured ‘how far can I take this? I can always stop if it is going too far.’ I email the girl back, we’ll call her ‘Elle’ from here on out. Elle claims to be a virgin and sounds like she wants to get preggers as some sort of teen mom fantasy and also interested in having sex with a guy who is over a decade older than her (I also sense some desire to get back at her parents for something). I try to steer her towards practicing having babies with me rather than actually, which she seems fine with. I also insist she provide some proof that she is 18 if we meet (still pretty foolish, I guess you can still get fucked over if they show you a fake ID). She invites me over to her place while her parents are gone, but then disappears before giving me the address. I don’t hear from her for a few days, until I’m like, what the hell, and I decide to take a video of me cumming my brains out jerking off (I don’t have much going for me, but I do cum an awful lot when I go off), and send it to her. She immediately replies back, tells me how wet I make her, and wants to meet, but once again stands me up.

This goes on and on like a loop for close to 6 months and it really illustrates what a dick wad that I am. For some reason, sending naughty pics and vids to this girl was a big turn on, especially with the sexy chatting that ensues (she tells me that she wants to be my sex slave, calls me daddy, dreams about me filling her with cum and carrying my babies, etc etc). It is also incredibly foolish, I don’t even know if she is over 18 (so I might have been breaking the law for all I knew)! It is even more tantalizing thinking about actually meeting. We always plan to meet, Elle admittingly gets cold feet from anxiety of losing her virginity, and goes dark. This cycle becomes characteristic of my most successful CL relationships up to this point. It convinces me that nothing will ever come of any of this, I’ll never actually cheat, just be stuck in an endless loop with all the women I talk to. While it was somewhat disheartening to think that I may never be successful, it was also safe and comforting to an extent.


5 thoughts on “Prologue Part 5: Treading on Dreams

    1. That sounds wonderful, but to be honest and fair, I don’t have much time these days between working, being a family man, maintaining this blog, and meeting my affair partners. But, perhaps the occasional sexy pic couldn’t hurt… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Who knew CL had ads for girls looking for baby daddies and the other things you mentioned in your post.
    It makes me want to take a peek. I am all kinds of curious now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This whole post is so fascinating! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sexting and exchanging sexy pics and videos is full of naughty fun. Glad you got to experience that.

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